Til All Is Correct

I like to think of my Great Uncle Moszek hovering somewhere between floors 8 and 12 of Nalewki Street 9 in the Warsaw ghetto. It is a safe place, this imagined placement of his body. Down below…

Lebenswelt: The Lifeworld of John Curno

There are those that seek to think like mountains. The guido (guides) in the forests of Okinawa, Japan are known as neichaa intaapuritaa (nature interpreters)…

Ruptures of the Numinous

Image Journal 103

What I lost in my exit from a fundamentalist faith movement, I found inside the closed chamber of my camera.

On May 24, 1844, Samuel Morse sends the first American telegram message from Washington D.C. to Baltimore. The distance of travel is approximately 40 miles and utilises the staccato sounds of the newly developed Morse Code. The chosen declaration is rooted immediately within the realms of the transcendent as he proclaims with nineteenth century textual aplomb “What hath God wrought?”.