The look, deprived of a physical touch, establishes the oscillatory experience melting visual and tactile sensation.”
(‘Duchamp and the notion of optical tactility.’ Berlot. Dr. Art, Emotion and Value. 5th Mediterranean Congress of Aesthetics, 2011.)

The term ‘Lacuna’ suggests a place of emptiness; cavities as yet unfilled by substance. This new piece of work labors to connect, approaching a buried history of infant longing and maternal separations.It hunts for physical encounter through a variety of methodologies. Deploying a variety of material: steel, cloth particles and rope alongside a mixture of personal and found photographic imagery, a tactile experience seeps into the ‘level of bodily perception.’ (Berlot. Dr. 2011) Corporeal engagement sometimes fuses; sometimes fails.The work attempts to access and thus present the acknowledgement of shared sadness and the felt phenomena inside of a broken connection.